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Our Life - Leandra "Lee" Last

CRiTORA is an animation series created by Derek Spangler. The series takes place on a digital planet called CRiTOPiA, which is inhabited by virtual creatures called CRiTORA. However, the CRiTORA have a common enemy: The ViRUSES, who want to take over CRiTOPiA and infect it's inhabitants to do their bidding.

ViRAL Pup is the loyal companion of Queen ViRUS, leader of the ViRUSES. They may also have a slight anger issue... See ViRAL Pup in Ep. 5 of CRiTORA on Youtube.

A nostalgic visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door.

Lee is the cousin of the main character who keeps in touch as much as possible over the phone. Impulsive, dramatic, creative, and a full-on team player, Lee loves to be a part of the group, just as much as she loves getting her friends to join her in one of her impulsive, fun-loving schemes. But she’s loyal and loving to the end.

Our Life is available to play, find it in the Steam store, and on Itch-io!


Wolfe Brothers Saga - Tilly McKendrick

The WOLFE BROTHERS SAGA is a gritty and dark family saga that deals with life’s hardships including: alcoholism, revenge, domestic abuse, and more. Yet this saga offers a light at the end of the tunnel that gives way to hope, and occasional victories over life's most daunting ordeals.​

Tilly married her high school sweetheart, but her husband is not an easy man to deal with. At first glance, she appears as a doormat for her husband, but Tilly is very intelligent and logical; one of those rare personalities that can let stuff roll off her back.

This series is intended for adult audiences and contains material that is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Listen to the series on Spotify, Pandora, or on the Fiction for Adults website.