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A bit about the face behind the mic:

Elizabeth set her sights on becoming a voice actor at a young age, largely due to her love of anime and video games. Originally from Central New York, Elizabeth moved to the LA area (with her husband and their 3 cats) in 2018. Since coming to LA she has immersed herself in the world of voice-over however she can. She holds degrees in Theater Arts and Audio/Radio Communication from SUNY Fredonia. 

In her downtime Elizabeth can be found playing video games, watching anime and other animated shows, cooking, editing both video and audio pieces, or playing with her (now) four cats. Elizabeth lovingly describes herself as a nerd and loves to show off the figures and art prints she's collected over the years.


Download demos here or by going to the contact page



Additional Samples



Get in touch by going to the contact tab, or email directly

Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Elizabeth is available to record both in studio and remotely via her broadcast-quality home booth.


- Double-walled isolation booth, with additional acoustic foam treatment inside

- Neuman TLM 103 mic

- Apollo Twin X interface

- Mac mini desktop computer

- Adobe audition

Studio Sample

Download studio here or by going to the contact page

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